GHC Summer School, Berlin, 3-9 september 2017

GHC Summer School, Berlin, 3-9 september 2017



Sunday, September 3rd

Arrival of participants

7 pm: Welcome cocktail/drinks at re:work


Monday, September 4th

9.30 am: Opening / Welcome

10 am: Yuki Terada, The Establishment and Evolution of Museums in Iran

(Discussant: Susanne A. Schmidt)

11 am: Pam Mengfei, The Meiji Art that Crosses Boundaries: A Study of Asahi Gyokuzan’s Life and Works

(Discussant: Yaruipam Muivah)

12 – 2 pm: Lunch at rework

2 pm: Rob Konkel, Creating a Global Economy: (Un-)Cooperative Internationalism, Technocratic Global Capitalism, and the Making of the Modern World, 1919-1939

(Discussant: Federico Del Guidice)

3 pm: Christoph Plath (The rise of humanitarianism)

(Discussant: Pablo Pryluka)

4 pm:  Coffee

4.30 pm: Tour/excursion in Berlin, followed by social event (neither Karaoke nor action painting)


Tuesday, September 5th

10 am: Yufei Zhon, Imagining the Self with the Other’s Voices: Karl August Wittfogel and East Asia

(Discussant: Disha Jani)

11 am: Susanne A. Schmidt, The midlife crisis, gender, and social sciences in the United States, 1970-90

(Discussant: Pan Mengfei)

12-2 pm: Lunch in a nearby restaurant

2 pm: Yorim Spoelder, Staging the Nation Beyond the Raj: Visions of Greater India, the Discourse of Civilization and Nationalist Imagination (1905-1964)

(Discussant: Devika Shankar)

3 pm: Disha Jani, The Concept of Fascism in Colonial India: M.N. Roy and the Problem of Freedom

(Discussant: Eleonore Chanlat-Bernard)

4 pm: Coffee break

4.30 pm: Global history already on decline? (Discussion of Jeremy Adelman, What is Global History Now?)

7 pm: Dinner


Wednesday, September 5th

10 am: Shohei Okubo, The Trade, Distribution and Consumption of South Asian Products in the Eighteenth Century Malay-Indonesian Archipelego

(Discussant: Devika Shankar)

11 am: Pablo Pryluka, Consumption and Advertising: a genealogy of anti-consumerism in Argentina from a global perspective

(Discussant: Fabian Steininger)

12: Lunch

1 pm-2 pm: Internal meeting GHC coordinators

Free afternoon & evening


Thursday, September 6th

 9 am: Devika Shankar, Slippery Sovereignties: The Princely States of Malabar and the Development of British Cachin, 1800-1920

(Discussant: Yorim Spoelder)

10 am: Eleonore Chanlat-Bernard, An Imperial History of Welfare between Britain and colonial India, c.1870s-1940s

(Discussant: Shohei Okubo)

11 am: Coffee break

11.30 am: Federico Del Guidice, Migration, labour and welfare: the case of the Italian workforce in France during the Interwar period

(Discussant: Rob Konkel)

12.30: Lunch

Afternoon: Excursion in Berlin, followed by dinner


Friday, September 7th

10 am: Yaruipam Muivah, Servitude and Abolition in Colonial North East India, 1881-1930

(Discussant: Christoph Plath)

11 am: Fabian Steininger, Mass Violence against Instanbul Armenians in August 1896

(Discussant: Yuki Terada)

12: Lunch at re:work

1.30 pm: Roundtable: National Narratives of global integration  (4 seniors , one from each institution)


Saturday, September 8th

Excursion to Potsdam


Sunday, September 9th

Departure of participants