International Workshop 6-7 April 2017 – Towards a global history of humanitarianism?

Towards a global history of humanitarianism?

A Princeton – PSL Workshop

6-7 April


Thursday April 6

Evening discussion: Jeremy Adelman (Princeton). Alessandro Stanziani (EHESS), George Steinmetz (University of Michigan): “The Future of Global History and the Problem of Humanitarianism”


 Friday April 7

9-10:30 Religion and humanity

Valentine Zuber (EPHE): Christianity and human rights. A history of a reappropriation

Divya Cherian (Princeton): “Helping Others in Eighteenth-Century Marwar? Unfreedom, Untouchability, and Human Welfare in Pre-Colonial South Asia”

Serge Gruzinski (EHESS) commentary


10:45-12:15 Global utilitarians?

Alessandro Stanziani: Jeremy Bentham between Britain Russia and India

Linda Colley: Jeremy Bentham and constitutionalism/liberty 19th century

George Steinmetz (University of Michigan) commentary


12:30-1:30 Lunch


1:45-3:15 Borderlands and citizens

Catherine Goussef (CNRS/ Marc Bloch Center, Berlin): Humanitarian aids in Russia and Eastern Europe in the interwar period

Rosina Lozano (Princeton): “Language Rights and Citizenship: Spanish in the US Southwest”

Shel Garon (Princeton) Commentary

3:30-5:00 Displaced

Claudio Lomnitz: “Indigenismo and the Jewish Question, around José Carlos Mariátegui”

Max Weiss: “The Slow Witness: Syrian War Literature in Real Time”

Phil Nord (Princeton) Commentary